Serious Connection is out now

Serious Connetion

  1. Serious Connection Max Klaw 4:03
  2. Body Watching Max Klaw 4:04
  3. No Vantage Point Max Klaw 3:05

A long winter had me in the studio really dialing in my sound and trying to create something fresh sounding. This is the result. Listen on systems with decent low end, it’s all down in there.

“Spacious, unpredictable and covering a vast array of ground, there’s something here for all bass players. “Serious Connection” reaches out to the trap frat while carving its own unique path by way of a classic chugging breakbeat fusion, while Both “Body Watching” and “No Vantage Point” point in a more downtempo direction; the former bubbles with dreamy arpeggios, star gazing FX and languishing drum dynamics while the latter comes complete with oceanic synth washes and smouldering one-note sub tremors…”

 -Juno Download 

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